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Spiral Steel Ducting

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Spiral steel ductwork

Spiral Steel Ducting

If you’re in need of spiral ducting and fittings, we are here to help. We manufacture a huge range of ducting products and can cater to even the most unconventional of requirements. Whether you’re a builder, contractor, or commercial property owner looking for anything from ducting bends to an air duct, we can help.


Due to our central location in the East Midlands and our high stock volume, we’re able to provide same day or next day delivery to customers throughout the UK.

Contact us for a competitive quote today!

Sprial steel ducting available:

  • Galvanised and stainless spiroduct

  • Fabricated bends

  • Pressed bends

  • Fabricated galvanised saddles

  • Concentric and eccentric reducers

  • All sizes of regular tees and crossed tees

  • Ducting suspension systems and studding

Galvanised spiral steel ducting is commonly used in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, as it provides a durable, long-lasting solution for the transport of air. The spiral shape of the ducting allows for efficient space utilisation and easy installation in tight spaces.

Spiral steel ducting is typically made from sheet metal, the spiral shape allows for more efficient use of space compared to traditional rectangular ducts, and makes installation in tight spaces easier. Spiral ductwork has a smooth interior surface which reduces air resistance and helps maintain high airflow rates.

Spiral steel ducting

Ducting pipe
DW144 Spec

Our ducting is manufactured to the highest standards and in line with DW144 specification.


Whether you need galvanised spiral ducting, circular fittings, or even flat oval ducting, you can be sure that your product is of a high standard meeting all specifications and regulations. 

Trim Removal Ducting
Pipe Spec

In addition to the wide range of standard galvanised ducting we manufacture, we can also make trim and waste ducting pipes that are used for recycling systems and wood waste extraction. Whether it be spiral trim long radium ducting bends of up to 3.5 CL, an inspection door section, or a section of galvanised spiral ducting, we’ll have your needs covered.

We specialise in the below ducting:

  • DW144 and Trim Spec Spiral

  • Pressed Bends

  • Fabricated Bends and Fittings

  • Trim Ducting that include long radius bends up to 3.5 CL

  • Clipped Seamed Pipe and Fittings

We stock a wide range of ducting including bends, spiral, reducers, dampers, tee pieces and much more.

We also stock various accessories such as rectangular and circular access doors, blast gates, volume control dampers, fire dampers, etc.

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