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Steel Fabrication

Ductwork and fabrication services in Leicester

Our Mission

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to your operation, which is why we’ve made a significant investment in high-specification steel fabrication equipment. This allows us to create high-quality metal fabrications for you.

Sheet metal folding
Sheet metal laser cutting
Sheet metal laser cutting

Our workforce consists of highly trained, highly skilled professionals with a wealth of experience, capable of creating bespoke steel fabrications tailored to your requirements. Whether your project demands welded fabrications or sheet metal fabrication, Impact can help.

Core Values


Our expert team will discuss the options available to meet your bespoke requirements.


Whatever your project needs, we have the solution so you deliver top-notch results.


High quality fabrications made to your specifications by quality craftsmen with high grade materials

Expert steel fabrication

When it comes to metal fabrication, it is crucial that the products and components you require are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure they are fit for use. Here at Impact, we take great pride in our work, using years of experience and industry knowledge to create only the very best in ducting and metal fabrication products such as:

  • Bespoke spray booths

  • Ventilation components

  • Rotary separators

  • Rotary valves

  • Acoustic booths

  • Hand rails

  • Access structures and ladders

  • Roof cowls

  • and much more.

Having established our business in 1986, we have steadily built a reputation as a reliable and high-quality ductwork manufacturer and supplier. Our team of thoroughly trained professionals have experience working on a wide variety of requests and are always more than happy to discuss your requirements, no matter how unconventional.


From design sketches and technical drawings, through to the manufacture of the final product, we are able to create bespoke ducting and metal solutions to fit your project. What’s more, our high-specification equipment ensures we always aim to make a positive contribution to your operation, no matter the scale or level of technicality.


Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. Call us on 0116 244 8151 or email us at

We manufacture metal fabrications in a variety of materials and sizes. 

Whether you need ductwork, stainless steel fabrication, acoustic booths, handrails or access ladders, we can help. Depending on your requirements, we can manufacture your metal fabrications using galvanised steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium and can complete the work in a range of thicknesses, from 1.2mm to 10mm thick.

Sheet metal fabrication of engineering components

Project gallery

Stainless steel industrial kitchen canopy
Powder coating steel fabrication dust control and trim paper extraction system
Powder coating steel fabrication dust control and trim paper extraction system
Powder coated steel fabricated recycling air system component
Welded steel fabrication air system with diverter drop chute
Powder coated mild steel fabrication flexible film pick up hoods
Welded steel fabrication of an air system for recycling materials

What is steel fabrication used for?

Metalworking techniques are used in almost every industry imaginable. From aerospace engineering, automobiles and construction, to architecture and ventilation. There are a number of reasons for the widespread use of metal fabrication, such as the versatility of outcomes, the durability of the materials and the many aesthetic finishes applicable. Sheet metal fabrication is crucial in the production of components for mass consumption.


The applications for sheet metal fabrication are ever-growing. With research and development constantly expanding in the world of green energy and sustainable living, this could be a primary use of metal fabrication in the near future.


Acoustic Booths

Among the many applications for sheet metal fabrications is the manufacture of acoustic booths. These are primarily made to ensure that noise level regulations and health and safety standards are complied with. Acoustic booths are needed for environments using heavy machinery, as well as industries specialising in music and textiles.


Access Ladders & Fire Escapes

Other important and widely used products of metal fabrication include access ladders and fire escapes for residential buildings, office blocks and other multi-storey properties. Modern metal fabrication processes allow for the creation of intricate designs and products that are both lightweight and durable.


Often constructed from stainless steel, access ladders and external fire escapes can withstand exposure to the elements and also hold a significant amount of weight.



In order to comply with health and safety standards, it is important that stairs in public spaces, such as hospitals or offices, are fitted with handrails when necessary. In these circumstances, a metal fabrication service will be able to design ergonomic, practical and durable handrails, tailored to your specific needs.



Metal fabrication is used for ducting. Essentially, ducts are the passages and pipe networks designed for the passing of air into and out of buildings.


The manufacture of these practical systems is entirely reliant on sheet metal fabrication. With modern fabrication techniques, ducting can be manufactured to your specific requirements. Be it ducting bends, galvanised tubing or air ducts, metal fabrication services can cater to even the most unconventional requirements.

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