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Stainless Steel Ducting

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Stainless Steel Ducting

Stainless Steel Ducting - A popular choice

We are manufacturing more stainless steel ducting than ever before, and at extremely competitive prices. With the recent addition of a brand new spiral machine, stainless steel ducting is now just as quick and easy for us to produce as a standard spiral duct. 

Our stainless steel ducting services are offered at an unbeatable turnaround time - you can rely on us to make sure you have the ducting you need, when you need it. We also ensure that our ducting prices are regularly updated, meaning our customers are able to access accurate pricing information at the touch of a button.

Rectangular Stainless Steel Ducting

We can also manufacture metal ducting in a rectangular form factor. Whether you’re after straight ducts, bends, transformation pieces or tapers, we’ll be able to manufacture a solution for you.

Stainless steel ducting

Metal Ducting: 304 316 Grade Spiral and Fittings

We manufacture spiral, bends, tees, and more using 304 and 316 Grade stainless steel with a 2B finish. All of our stainless steel ductwork, from spirals to fittings, is manufactured to DW144 specification - the only difference is the material.

We are also able to make sheet metal fittings using a different finish if required. If you have any requests or specific requirements, a member of our team will be happy to discuss them with you.

Metal Ducting Pipe: 430 Grade Flue Pipe

Among our wide range of stainless steel ducting products is the 430 Grade Flue Pipe, which comes in a Bright Annealed finish. We offer both single and twin wall flue, so our flue pipes are suitable for many different metal ducting pipe applications. Plus, they are easy to fit thanks to the simple pushfit joint system we install on all our flue pipes.

Stainless steel ducting

Why Use Stainless Steel Ducting

Stainless steel ductwork tends to be more costly than many other types of ducting, but that is for good reason.

What are the advantages of using stainless steel ducting?



You won’t find stainless steel rusting away even if it’s outdoors. Instead, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, as it won’t wear down, even in corrosive situations where there are harsh substances up against it.



Steel is far stronger than other types of metal, such as aluminium, which may be used for ducting. The strength allows it to be used in areas where you need to move a lot of air all at once, since the metal ducting won’t fluctuate or rattle when the air passes through. It’s far more flexible than other types of metal ducting and tends to stay rigid.

Stainless steel ducting is designed to last. Since it is abrasion resistant, water resistant, and sturdy, there’s little that will cause it to break down, aside from extreme heat. This means you can expect ducts that are made of steel to last for decades.


Easy Fabrication

Aluminium can be difficult to fabricate, since it is so flexible. It’s also incredibly hard to weld, since it isn’t steel and requires special techniques. This means the end cost for aluminium ducting is often higher than stainless steel.



Stainless steel ducting is very eco-friendly, thanks to the fact that it can be endlessly recycled. The steel is also moisture and condensation resistant and doesn’t rust or grow mould and mildew easily. Often, when using ducting for air conditioning, moisture is pulled from the air and this may result in the growth of mildew, which is why these ducts are so popular. When the ducts are no longer useful, they can be recycled, and never need to end up in landfill.

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